The journey of Plastosphere


9 billion tons of plastic wastes dumped every year but only 9% is recycled. CAN WE TELL CHILDREN ABOUT THE DANGERS IN CLASS?

>Plastic, atmosphere and sphere in the cry against pollution

>Pollution and human activity .

This play expresses alarm on the future for mankind with ecological characters fighting against greedy pollutants In the money-making business, the cleanliness of the environment is neglected for profit. The inevitable truth lies in the consequences of such recklessness; man is embarrassed by natural factors like diseases, respiratory discomfort and a host of climatic mishaps


Risk has no impact on inspiration. We had to escape from bullets and live with the local community of Ngwal in Bamunka Ndop, Cameroon. It was a wonderful experience talking to the local population. I had written Plastophere and was editing it. In case the war took my life at this stage, this play on environmental protection would not see the light of day.


Roger Njebuh Nzembayie is an ESL, EFL, FLE, FLS teacher with a vast experience in the learning and teaching of the English and French Languages to non-native speakers for thirty years. As the first son to an English teacher, Mbutuh Nzembayie Mathias (40 years as an English teacher), a trained English and French teacher, involved in the marking and setting of the GCE Examinations for 13 (thirteen) years, he pays keen interest to users’ difficulties in expressing themselves in this language. He is a holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree and Post-graduate diploma in English and French. He has actively taught these two languages for three years with the private sector and seventeen (17) years with the Cameroon Government. A big fan of environmental protection, he admires natural forest zones, farming and cultural festivals around local shrines. He also loves reggae music, especially Bob Marley’s songs. Writings Emprunts au Pidgin English dans le Francais du Cameroun. (2001) ENS, Yde Cameroun Plastosphere: English Grammar in a play on Environmental protection. (2019)

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