Learning English Using a language lab play: Plastosphere

Following the performative approach to language teaching, learning, and the good results on the learners in their day to day interactions, we figured out the drama for grammar approach in the conception of the play: Plastosphere

Reading traditional grammar books and even descriptive grammar is sometimes challenging because bound by too many rules to assimilate. We have with the drama for grammar approach adopted the strategy of intentionally writing plays, sketches, conversations and dialogue with a particular grammar point in perspective, highlighting the whole conversation for clarity of the point to learn. A play like Plastosphere, is presented thus, typographically, in the section whose story-line focuses on qualifying adjectives.

The Conversational style of presenting English Grammar


The Black Rain

Qualifying adjectives continue

BOB ECOLO: We left you in your apartment before going to bed. How come you found yourself under the rain?

TOXICO: This is black magic! All plants and my body have become obscure. Have you ever seen this type of a thing before?

PHILO: I am surprised myself. In all courses of environmental studies I ever did in school, no mention had been made of such a rain. The quantity of soot on leaves of plants and everywhere has suppressed the green colors. Let me see if there is any reagent to make water regain its colorless view for you to take a bath.

BOB ECOLO: No need for that. The pipes have clean water, till water from the exposed catchments run into them. In case it gets worse, we go to one of the bore holes in the orchard. Try to fill the drums for drinking while he gets to the bathroom.

VEGETA: It is not the normal soot which we find in our kitchens because of its oily texture. There is need to use a lot of soap before the cleaning is thorough.

PHILO: How on earth will this dark atmosphere get clear within the next few days? All buildings, plants, animals and colored objects have turned into black. The sun rays have lost their sparkling gold color to some dark, grayish lines. The whole place looks like a diesel engine garage with sooty smeared walls. The white paint of the wall has been tarnished. Look at the blue drum in which we collect water and its black contents like sewage in advanced decomposition.

VEGETA:Toxico, try to get a cool bath. You look pathetic.                  Exit Toxico


The learners can interact using the passage, assess their understanding of these highlighted descriptive adjectives, by doing a conversational analysis of the worksheets which appear thus:

EXPLORE THE PROPOSED WORKSHEETS IN https://dramaforgrammar.com/worksheets-2/

The rule in Grammar books

The grammar directive presents the functions of the descriptive adjective as seen below. Our concept is that, putting the learners in the context of a play, makes them to assimilate these rules in a more relaxed mood.

1. An adjective qualifies or describes a noun. Depending on how linked these adjectives are to the nouns they describe, they can play the role of an attribute to the noun (noun modifier) (close or loose attribute)—>a nagging mother/Tired, she ordered the children to go and sleep.
2. The adjective can be used in the predicative sense(predicate adjective)
*subject predicate: His smile was very meaningful/ The water is five feet deep. There is a linking verb between noun and its description or adjective.
*object predicate: ‘Objective predicative’—–> I considered the job simple/The court found the lady guilty of child abuse. The child sucked his mother dry. He held the lady tight.
3. An Adverbial Modifier: Whether good or bad, all bosses bully their workers./ When calm, let him in. /If guilty, land him in prison.
NB:Adjectives can be in post positions, yet playing the attributive role. I have a garden larger than yours/ The man arrested lives in Houston.
* Adjectives modifying indefinite pronouns are in post position: I will do everything possible to release him. Nothing good comes easy.
Form of adjectives
*Adjectives can play a comparative (two things) or superlative role(more than two things):
I—–> Comparitives. These take -er for shorter syllable adjectives and more for longer syllable adjectives.  America is larger than France/The better nurse comes from Africa/ He is more powerful than his sister.
I—–> Superlatives. These take -est for shorter syllable adjectives and most for longer syllable adjectives. The largest ocean is the Pacific/ The best soccer player is C. Ronaldo/ Susan is the most educated of the three children.




Roger Njebuh Nzembayie is an ESL, EFL, FLE, FLS teacher with a vast experience in the learning and teaching of the English and French Languages to non-native speakers for thirty years. As the first son to an English teacher, Mbutuh Nzembayie Mathias (40 years as an English teacher), a trained English and French teacher, involved in the marking and setting of the GCE Examinations for 13 (thirteen) years, he pays keen interest to users’ difficulties in expressing themselves in this language. He is a holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree and Post-graduate diploma in English and French. He has actively taught these two languages for three years with the private sector and seventeen (17) years with the Cameroon Government. A big fan of environmental protection, he admires natural forest zones, farming and cultural festivals around local shrines. He also loves reggae music, especially Bob Marley’s songs. Writings Emprunts au Pidgin English dans le Francais du Cameroun. (2001) ENS, Yde Cameroun Plastosphere: English Grammar in a play on Environmental protection. (2019)KDP.Amazon.com

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    1. Hello! I don’t quite understand how you mean when you say it is quite vast. A language lab play is a form of writing i coined to teach English grammar using a dialogue or conversational approach. Purchase the copy of Plastosphere on Amazon.com and we will build worksheets that facilitate using that play to study English grammar.

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