Writing Competition:10 prizes to be won 500000fcfa

Submit manuscript in English or French only, typed in Msword to the whatsapp number 677896016

  1. 125000fcfa, 2. 100000fcfa, 3.75000fcfa

Only possible in Cameroon from 21 June 2020 -21 June 2021

 by dramaforgrammar.com on the play: Plastosphere in the theories of English Language teaching and Learning.  COMPETITION LINK: dramaforgrammar.com/blog

  1. OBJECTIVES:  To make policy-makers and language specialists discover a newly published play: Plastosphere

 -To improve the editing of the play

-To help the English speaking community discover a more lighthearted approach to teaching and learning English grammar.

  • Just purchase a copy of the play for 4000 fcfa, by contacting the numbers 677896016, 699989478
  • Be at least a DEGREE HOLDER in any Language ie English Language, Linguistics or Bilingual –French and English, German, Spanish etc. (Specify the level, certificate and Language studied)
  1. TASK: Read the play, Plastosphere and Write an article of not more than one page (A4): single spacing, font size 12 (errata and bibliography pages excluded but very important in the selection) on a topic of your choice. Link this analysis to modern teaching methods. You could frame your own topic or choose any of the following proposals
  • Plastosphere and the ‘performative’ post-method pedagogy.
  • Plastosphere and the theories of English as a foreign language teaching and learning
  • Plastosphere and the reduction of the English language and Literature in English periods in the general timetable.
  • Plastosphere, a synthesis of grammar instruction and drama pedagogy.
  • Plastosphere and the CBA: Competency based approach.
  • Coin any topic with the above orientation
  • A good mastery of the story line of the play – (points from the text and workbook)                           25 marks                                                                                                   
  • Errata page, pointing out the language errors and proposing corrections, tabulated as follows:





 The more detailed the comments on errors the more marks earned.                                                        40 marks

  • Bibliography: Cross referencing from Play or workbook to other theoretical works.                             25 Marks
  • Active assessment of others’ articles in the social media forum                                                               10 Marks
  1. Jury:
  •  All articles will be published on our website dramaforgrammar.com, and voted for excellence by all contestants who show knowledge of the text. For neutrality, the author of the play and website will vote a thumbs up for all the articles.
  • The first 20 articles will be further screened by a host of National inspectors / Language teachers, and presented for further assessment online on our facebook fan-page – access below. 
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