Adjuncts / Adverbials to add information


* Adding Information to a verb./ He sleeps on his mattress./ It is early in the morning.

 He goes to school/ He lives in school/ He comes in time.

*Adding information to a noun: He takes A CUP of tea. /THE PRESIDENT of this country is tired. /THE GIRL in red is short./ THE MAN with spectacles is feeling cold.

*Adding information to an adjective. The weather was SO cold that he put on his pullover.

*ADDING INFORMATION TO A SENTENCE: Early in the morning, Peter puts on his pullover/ He puts on his pullover to feel warm/

Most adverbials have specific meanings they add to a sentence.

* Time: Early in the morning, Peter puts on a pullover/ Peter puts on his pullover in a cold weather./He wakes up at 5:30 am.

* Reason: He puts on his pullover to feel warm./ We eat to live.

* Manner: He feels warm when he drinks tea./ He drinks the hot tea with care.

*Place: He sits on the chair/ He sits on the table.

NB: **Some adverbials are called adjuncts when they are optional in a sentence. That is, their absence does not render the sentences incomplete. Example: EARLY IN THE MORNING, Peter puts on his pullover.

***Some adverbials are indispensable in the sentence. Example:He comes from India  In this sentence the removal of ‘from India’ makes the sentence read: He comes…??? The sentence makes no sense.

*****Many other meanings can be attributed to adjuncts. Eg possession: The owner of this land/, A man of the people/, matter or material: The cup is made of gold,/ content: A glass of water, A cup of tea, (purpose)He is born to rule.


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